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Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves

Sylver Rochelin R.

'Froca instructor, Founder

Sylver Rochelin Randrianantenaina is a professional dancer from Madagascar. He has spent the last 15 years specializing in traditional dances from across Africa and the Caribbean, as well as Malagasy (from Madagascar) popular dances, Afropop, Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary techniques. Sylver founded 'Froca Fitness in 2018, bringing together these techniques in an accessible way so that students learn from the cultures they represent. Over his career, Sylver has performed with many of Madagascar's most renowned musicians and performers, and has danced with a number of contemporary companies in Madagascar and around the world. In 2011, he was selected to join 42 top dancers from across Africa to travel to the renowned Ecole de Sable Center of Dance in Toubab Diallo, Senegal. There, he partook in an intensive training focused on traditional, contemporary and urban African dances. Sylver then moved to Jerusalem, where he studied classical, modern and contemporary dance at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

From Madagascar to Jerusalem to the United States, Sylver's exhilarating classes and productions unite a diverse group of students in celebration of African and Caribbean dance and music. He has brought together thousands of participants and musicians in the past, and since 2015, has been thrilled and honored to be a part of the Cambridge dance community.


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